Rencontre avec un photoreporter, Harry CHUN

Le vendredi 3 décembre, la rencontre avec M. Harry Chun, photoreporter en freelance, a permis aux lycéens de réfléchir à l’importance de la presse et des médias. Ensemble, ils ont évoqué son travail sur la migration de réfugiés syriens de la Turquie vers l’UE, sa couverture de guerre contre Daech. Les échanges ont permis aux élèves de prendre conscience de la violence de la guerre, pour les civils en particulier. Ces sujets sont des témoignages de première main poignants en immersion sur cette condition humaine dont on entend régulièrement parler, mais dans une perspective différente. Tout au long de la rencontre, M. Chun et les élèves ont échangé de nombreuses questions et réponses, partagé des points de vue et des expériences personnelles, ce qui a permis aux lycéens de mieux comprendre son travail et ces enjeux. Pour en savoir plus sur Harry Chun, le photoreporter et ses œuvres, veuillez cliquer sur les liens ci-dessous.…/this-photographer-traveled-by-raft…/

Après l’événement, les élèves de 1ère ont écrit des lettres à M. Chun.

Voici quelques extraits de lettres.

« Thank you once again for educating us and reminding us of an issue that often is forgotten, as we get so submerged into our own relatively normal lives. You really are more than a photographer. » Yuna. 

« Seeing the photos and the videos, I felt different emotions, from fright to anger, from sadness to sympathy. I was especially touched by what you said about the fact that these refugees also had a peaceful life before the civil war started – going to school, meeting friends – but as peace was shattered, they had become refugees. The verb “become” especially touched me. They had become refugees. » Yu-Kyung

« Your analogy with children having to pack their lives in a backpack really helped us understand the severity of the issue. Actually, the students of our school would like to write letters of encouragement and hope to these populations who face such ordeals. » Adrien

« I found it very crazy and courageous that you successfully managed to document the difficult lives of Middle-Eastern people and shed light on the numerous struggles and rough journeys they go through when migrating to countries in Western Europe. » Eugene

« I would like to express my admiration regarding how you were able to not simply give us numbers and show us maps, as any news channel could have done. You actually gave us a detailed insight thanks to both visual support and personal experience and anecdotes. Describing your job as “visual storytelling” corresponds to a dimension of journalism I believe is put aside: the human experience. » Emile

« The moment you asked everyone what we would do if we were in the shoes of the younger refugees was impactful and made me grateful for the life that I have. I truly believe that through this event, you made every participant take this into account. » Catherine

« I wish you the best of luck for your future projects, and, as a student who would like to pursue medical studies, I hope to meet you again, as a doctor without borders and a storyteller! » Hyeongwon

« I have been thinking about doing photojournalism in the future, and I was very glad you came to our school to share with us your background and projects. I wish you the best for your future projects. » Daniel

« You said that you were admiring photo-journalists coming to your school to talk about their work. And today, you are inspiring a teenager like me, giving me even more passion for journalism and photography. » Arnaud 

« Your work will have an impact on the world and you have the full support from the students here at the LFS. We will continue to follow your future stories and we hope to see you again very soon. We hope the best for you and your work and wish you a safe journey. » Adrien